Case Studies




Birmingham 2014

Before we met Kam he was unemployed, and didn’t feel like he had something or someone to push him in the right direction. Family issues, splitting up with his fiancé and being away from his children were very hard for him. He was unemployed for over a year before he joined the SoHK course.

We helped Kam by giving him a reason to want to get up in the morning and make a positive impact on his life. He was joining a rugby team, something bigger than himself; he didn’t want to let his teammates and himself down. We supported Kam and helped him realise his potential and how to utilise his skills that would make him a great employee.

“Right now I can see a future, I feel like my confidence and drive is coming back. I am in the right job now, and I am really enjoying it. School of Hard Knocks encouraged me to work hard, and do my best, and I feel like now I am a better dad than I was”.

Kam is currently completing a Plant Operator training programme.


School of Hard Knocks came at the right time in my life.