Case Studies




Rugby 2015

As a single Mum of two lovely boys, Katrina was out of work for a number of years. Behind Katrina’s bubbly smile, her confidence and self-esteem were very low.

Katrina took part in the Edinburgh rugby programme in early 2015, the first SOHK women’s rugby course in the UK. She hoped that by working with SOHK her confidence and employment prospects would improve. Katrina was initially a bit unsure about full contact rugby, but she was quickly enjoying smashing bags and coaches! She quickly became a core member of the women’s group and was always motivating the rest of the team.

Post course, Katrina was offered employment at the Carlton Hotel, overlooking the Royal Mile in the centre of Edinburgh. They were so impressed during the interview that they stopped interviewing candidates after meeting Katrina, and were willing to work around Katrina’s childcare commitments to have her on board.

We are delighted to report that Katrina is really enjoying working at the Carlton Hotel and believes that since taking part in the SOHK course her confidence and outlook has improved. She says that becoming part of the ‘SOHK family’ has been an experience she ‘will never forget’.

Well done Katrina, we are very proud of you!


Becoming part of the ‘SOHK family’ has been an experience i ‘will never forget’.