Case Studies




East London, 2016

Levi is a Year 11 in his third year of SOHK for Schools, at a school in East London. This is his story:


“It started off as just playing rugby, then rugby became a part of us and we play it every week now. I play outside of school as well, thanks to Sammy (a rugby coach and mentor on the SOHK for Schools programme). They mentor us and they help us in lessons. It’s helping us on and off the pitch. Rugby is an easy way to get your energy out, to work as a team and it helps build skills, for work and in other aspects of life. 

The whole team has changed for the better. They’ve all got way more mature, they’re taking things much more seriously. We play much better as a team now. Our first tournament in Year 9 was terrible!

In Year 9 I felt that school was boring. Now I feel it’s important – you need to get grades to get a decent job. I probably wouldn’t still be in school if rugby hadn’t come along. I was always in trouble, and now its given me something to look forward to every week. I still find it difficult to concentrate in school, but that’s improving.

School of Hard Knocks has changed me, my behaviour – just having something to look forward to during the week helps me to pay attention. I don’t get in trouble, because if you get in trouble you miss rugby. It’s brilliant meeting with the coaches, it’s like you’re part of the family.”

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I probably wouldn’t still be in school if rugby hadn’t come along.